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  • Bonkers


    Bonkers the dickhead clown went to the city of Ballycrumble to do his show. Ballycrumple was ruled by a fat lazy tyrant king who spend the city crippling taxes on his super yachts, sports cars and his luxury golf course in the Maldives.  The city was a collection of bolloxed building all creaking in their […]

  • Cops are scarier than clowns.

    Cops are scarier than clowns.

    Bobby Bounce the idiot child stood at the shut door of the huge church holding his football crying. “Jesus christ” he shouted  “Stop being a bollox and come out to play?”  Like most days in Ballydank, it was dreary, endlessly dreary like a stagnant puddle of dirty dreariness. The citizens obliged the authorities by tugging […]

  • I got scammed.

    I got scammed.

    I got scammed. I have lost all of my saving, my head is melted and I’m fucking angry. The scam that got pulled on me is called the arts. The vermin who run this operation are called administrators. The administrators make various promises, about  the value of arts to shape culture and to help us […]

  • Circus person goes to see Shakespeare

    Circus person goes to see Shakespeare

    My evening at the Kilkenny arts festival watching Shakespeare Tempest in the grounds of Kilkenny castle. Or how to ruin a perfectly good park. I’m guessing Shakespeare wanted to be understood. But not tonight. The words of Shakespeare attack us like a venomous army of midges, sentences full of annoying archaic words swarmed our heads. […]

  • Snatch and Grab

    The Movie Snatch Circus Present Snatch and Grab the movie streaming for only 5 pound. Click the below link. Completely enviro-mental.Snatch and Grab is a circus celebration of the fierce and the wild.  A mish-mash of reckless acrobatics, treacherous juggling and feminist circus. Snatch and Grab is a  2 woman punk circus film from […]

  • How to win big with circus at the Fringe Festival, a step by step guide.

    How to win big with circus at the Fringe Festival, a step by step guide.

    Although many artist will bang on about how the fringe is a place where art is pushed and stretched creating new and exciting experiences for hungry culture seeking audiences by the youngest, brightest and most fabulous cutting edge creative types. Know this is bullshit. You have seen the un imaginative crap that fill the fringe […]