A revolutionary circus film company.

Building better film with a molotov cocktail of circus and punk cinema. AKenEvilThing works out of abandoned circus caravan, parked behind a Presbyterian church in East Belfast. Formed in 2008, after claiming a camcorder from the lost and found of the traveling circus they were performing for; they began shooting an experimental horror movie called “Cannibal Clowns from Planet Carlow”. They never finished the film, but it was the spark that lit their imagination. The Killer Clown craze combined with an unfortunate big top fire, started when an untrained clown tried to fire spit with petrol, this finally pushed them to devote their time to AKenEvilThing. Now they are an award winning, international screening, film company. They specialised in circus for the screen. They have created feature length and short films, which have been self-funded or commission. Damn everything but the circus.